Pan fried Lemon sole with Yuzu Ponzu butter - Mizkan

Pan fried Lemon sole with Yuzu Ponzu butter

LevelLevel: Medium

ServesServes: 1

Prep TimePrep Time: 20 mins

Cook TimeCook Time: 10 mins


50ml x Yuzu ponzu

250g x Butter

10gm of white miso

Lemon sole filet or any white fish filet

Salt and pepper seasoning and flour for dusting

Chive and chili flakes to garnish


Yuzu Ponzu butter

1. Remove the butter from the fridge 2 hours before you wish to make this recipe

2. Place the butter into a kitchen aid and beat with the paddle until soft and slightly pale

3. Add the yuzu ponzu and miso and mix on a low speed

4. Place the butter back into the fridge

Pan fried sole

1. Dust the fish with season flour and the pan fry on both side

2. Melt the require amount of Yuzu Ponzu butter and pour over the fish once plated and garnish with a little chive and chili flakes

3. Serve with pan fried seasonal vegetable and garnish with pea shoot