Greens with Yuzu Ponzu - Mizkan

Greens with Yuzu Ponzu

LevelLevel: Medium

ServesServes: 2

Prep TimePrep Time: 10 mins

Cook TimeCook Time: 10 mins


60ml x Thick yuzu ponzu

40g x Green beans

3 x Tender stem broccoli pieces

2 baby Pok choi cut in half

3g x ginger puree

3g x garlic puree

25ml x light veg oil

Thicken Yuzu Ponzu

200ml x Yuzu ponzu

9g x MSK Ultratex


1. Place the Yuzu Ponzu in a mixing bowl

2. Whisk in the Ultratex

3. Place into a squeezy bottle ready to use

4. Using a hot wok add the oil, ginger and garlic and mix for 10 seconds

5. Add all the greens and stir fry until tender

6. Mix through the thick Yuzu ponzu