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Our Story

Discover Mizkan’s 200 years of vinegar heritage, from pioneering sake brewer Matazaemon Nakano I in 1804, through to the present time, where we have become the number one vinegar company in Japan.

Find out about the meaning behind our iconic Mizkan logo and our commitment to new taste experiences and the well-being of our environment and community.

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Discover Mizkan’s range of authentic Japanese vinegars, sushi seasonings and mirin-style seasoning.

Each of our vinegars has a different taste profile and acidity to suit a range of dishes. Our sushi seasonings are carefully crafted for the best balance of acidity and sweetness to season rice. Learn how to use our versatile Honteri mirin-style seasoning to sweeten and add flavour and shine to a variety of dishes.

Our ingredients range enables endless possibilities and creativity, browse for inspiration!

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How To

We worked with chefs to share their expertise in using Japanese ingredients whether perfecting Japanese classics or to enhance flavours in all types of cuisines and dishes.

Our ‘How to’ guides include tips on how to get that perfect sushi rice, using simple combinations and ratios to create classic Asian sauces and flavoursome soup bases.

We also explore how to use Honteri mirin-style seasoning as a secret weapon to replacing alcohol and sugar in all savoury and sweet dishes, from meat pies and risottos, to caramel sauce and tarts!

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Explore recipes from our favourite chefs, inspired by Japanese flavours and ingredients, to bring a new dimension of flavour to your menu.

From traditional Japanese ramen, to trendy poke bowls, to gastropub country pies and bistro favourite tarts… taste how our chefs layer and enhance flavours through our versatile rice vinegars and Honteri mirin-style sweet seasonings.

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Easter cheesecakes served on white, round tray

Mizkan Ingredients Recipes

Easter Desserts Menu Inspired by Japanese Cuisine

Add some sweetness to your restaurant menu this Easter by featuring popular Japanese desserts consumed in Japan during this festive season.

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3 white eggs with flour and whisk


Mother’s Day Meal Ideas for Your Restaurant

Are you looking to celebrate this Mother’s Day with a Japanese touch? We have created an egg-based Japanese three-course Mother’s Day meal that you can incorporate into your own restaurant menu.

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18l wholesale box of Honteri mirin-style seasoning

Mizkan Ingredients

How to Use Honteri in Your Restaurant Meals

Honteri is considered a chef’s secret weapon. Discover this mirin-style sweet seasoning, perfect for adding a unique sweetness and depth of flavour to a variety of restaurant meals.

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