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Fried Pollock with Salt & Shiragiku Chips Recipe

Celebrate all things Japanese this Summer alongside the Tokyo games, with this delicious twist on a street food classic.

LevelLevel: Medium

ServesServes: 4

Prep TimePrep Time: 15 mins

Cook TimeCook Time: 15 mins


Core ingredients

4 Fillets of Pollock, weighing 20g each

20g Trout Eggs

1 large Desiree Potato

Sour Cream

Shiragiku condiment

30ml Shiragiku

20ml White Soy

15g Honteri

5g Sugar

5g Salt

5ml Lemon Juice

Fish dredge

50g Cornflour

50g Rice Flour

5g Salt

Fish batter

50g Cornflour

50g Rice Flour

80ml Sparkling Water


For the chips

1. Peel Desiree potato, and cut into matchsticks, using a mandoline.

2. Wash in several changes of water to remove excess starch, then deep fry at 170° in rapeseed oil until golden and crisp. Shake to remove excess oil, then toss with fine sea salt.

For the fish

1. Gently roll the fillets in the dredge, then shake off any excess.

2. Mix the batter and submerge the dredged fish in it.

3. Immediately deep fry in rapeseed oil heated to 180°, turning once, and gently basting in hot oil. Fry for 1 minute on each side.

4. Remove the fish from the oil and roll over a paper towel to remove any excess oil.

5. Pipe a stripe of sour cream over the skin side of the fish.

For the Shiragiku condiment

1. Mix the listed ingredients together until the salt and sugar dissolve.

2. Strain, and transfer to an atomizer bottle. In a small cup, dress the trout eggs in several sprays of the Shiragiku condiment.

3. Spoon 5g of the eggs over each fillet, on top of the sour cream.

4. Gently place a pile of the fried chips on top of the eggs, and spray with further condiment to accent the chips with the complex vinegar flavours of Shiragiku.


Chef Patron of Brunswick House Café in Vauxhall and Orasay in Notting Hill both of which champion British produce, Jackson Boxer is frequently asked to cook and host pop-ups for brands, gallery openings and album launches. Jackson has an illustrious culinary heritage which is a result of his innovative signature dishes.

Jackson has shared with us two of his flavour packed, street food inspired, dishes where the spirit of Shiragiku really comes to life to complement, heighten and sharpen the natural beauty of every ingredient used.


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