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Asian Style Chimichurri Sauce Recipe

A simple and fragrant Asian take on the Argentine Chimichurri sauce.


Photography and video production courtesy of Jen Rich and Tinderflint.

LevelLevel: Easy

ServesServes: 6-8

Prep TimePrep Time: 5-10 mins

Cook TimeCook Time: 10 mins


400g vegetable oil

125g garlic puree

250g onion (about 2)

37g chilli

25g ginger puree

75g coriander

50g basil

70g flat parsley

15g mint

60g Honteri

75g soy sauce

25g Yumai

27g lime juice

25g olive oil


1. Blitz onion and chilli in the blender, leave chunky

2. Cook garlic puree in vegetable oil until golden brown

3. Add the onion and chilli mix to the pan and cook for a further 5 minutes, add ginger puree, allow mixture to cool

4. Once cooled, blitz herbs in a blender before blitzing the remaining ingredients with a stick blender

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