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Introducing OSU – a new premium apple cider vinegar

27th August, 2020

Kick-start your daily wellness ritual with the great taste of OSU, a 100% natural apple cider vinegar.

What is OSU?

Crafted using more than 200 years’ worth of experience, OSU means ‘vinegar’ in Japanese, and is inspired by the simplicity and transparency of its culture.

People in Japan have been drinking apple cider vinegar for centuries as part of a daily morning ritual to contribute to a healthy lifestyle. This ritual is part of an important Japanese cooking practice called ‘washoku’, which focuses on balance in food preparation and consumption.

OSU is made from raw and unpasteurised apple cider vinegar blended with natural apple juice, giving you a superior taste experience. Vinegar connoisseurs will notice that the subtle sweetness of apples balances the tang of vinegar in OSU, making it more palatable than other apple cider vinegars and a fragrant option as a sushi rice vinegar.

Unfiltered, and containing the Mother culture (strands of protein), the good news is that OSU is free from artificial colourings, flavours and preservatives and is certified as vegan-friendly.

How do you use it?

Revered by health gurus and foodies alike, apple cider vinegar has long been associated with remedial properties, such as improvement to digestion and gut health. In addition to traditional uses, beauty aficionados have been using apple cider vinegar for natural detoxes and in beauty remedies, which they believe helps improve the condition of both skin and hair.

Traditionally, OSU can be enjoyed as a tonic or short drink each morning – diluted with one part OSU to taste with nine parts of either still, sparkling or warm water – but it can also be used in homemade vinaigrettes for a tangy burst of flavour on salads, or added to marinades or smoothies for a subtle, but delicious taste. It also makes for a fantastic sushi rice seasoning, adding depth to any Japanese sushi rice recipe. It can even replace citrus seasoning in recipes and be incorporated into fruity cocktails! What more could you want?

OSU is available in Tesco, Ocado and Boots in the UK
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