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Mizkan Partners with Celebrity Chef Mory Sacko to Create African-Japanese Dessert Recipe

26th August, 2020

We are proud to share the news of our partnership with Top Chef contestant Mory Sacko, who has used his talent and fresh skills to create an exciting new Japanese-African fusion dessert recipe using Honteri.

About Mory Sacko:

Mory was a contestant on this year’s edition of the French TV program Top Chef and has now become one of France’s favourite new culinary figures. With over 120K followers on Instagram in just a few months, not only is Mory popular, he is also hugely talented, blending African and Japanese flavours in a unique way. Mory honed his skills working beside famous Chef Thierry Marx at the Mandarin Oriental, then after Top Chef, he moved on to share his inspired dishes at the Edo restaurant at the ‘Palais de Tokyo’ in Paris where he took residency for the summer season. He is now starting on his own creative path, with the opening of his first restaurant Mosuke (as a tribute to Yakuke, the first black samurai) which opened in September 2020.

The recipe:

Mory has also collaborated with us at Mizkan to create a Pineapple Shiso ‘candy’ recipe with Honteri and lime syrup. This dish is perfect for a summer dessert as it’s light, fresh and has layers of interesting flavours from the combination of ingredients such as citrus seasoning, cacao beans, Sancho pepper and crème fraiche. The recipe showcases both his creativity and the versatility of Honteri moving away from the more traditional take on classic Japanese Mirin recipes.

For more details about the recipe visit our French Instagram and Facebook pages :
You can also follow Mory on Instagram @mory_sacko

Please note this recipe is only available in French for copyright reasons.

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