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Mizkan Unveils ‘Lifelong Foodie’ as New Fusion-Focused Development Chef

27th August, 2020

Having previously worked as a lobster fisherman, fishmonger, cheese maker and dairy hand, Ron Laity has spent his life in food. It was at the start of a stint as a line chef, some 25 years ago, that his love of Japanese culture and cuisine was born.

After catering college, he honed his Japanese cooking skills, working at the Tokyo Diner in London’s Chinatown – the same year Nobu opened in London. From there he moved to Yo Sushi before decamping on a six-year working tour of Japan, where he immersed himself in the culture and explored creating dishes with authentic Japanese ingredients. Upon his return to the UK, Ron worked at establishments such as Yakitoria, Samurai Sushi, Senkai, Feng Sushi, Bincho Yakitori and United Ramen, before joining Mizkan.

“I’m delighted to join Mizkan, having admired their products, especially their sushi rice seasoning, for some time. It’s fair to say that although my chef training was classical in nature, I am a Japanese convert, and absolutely love developing dishes that sing with the flavours of the cuisine – from ramen, to sushi to poke. Mizkan has a host of products that can be used as Japanese ingredients from their Ajipon Citrus Seasoning and Shiragiku – ideal for making the perfect sushi rice – to their Honteri Mirin Style Seasoning and Mirin Rice Wine which delivers true Japanese flavour across authentic dishes such as Udon, Yakisoba and Karaage. Better yet, their wide variety of products are versatile enough to be used across cuisines, including fusion European, Latin American, and Middle Eastern. I’m looking forward to demonstrating their versatility and potential and to helping inspire UK chefs from all sectors.”

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