Timeline - Mizkan

Matazaemon Nakano I started experimenting, making vinegar with the lees left over from sake brewing.

Matazaemon Nakano I opened a vinegar factory in Handa to meet popular demand, establishing the foundations of Mizkan’s vinegar.

The Mizkan logo became a registered trademark. The design is inspired by the Matazaemon family crest.

Mizkan branched out into the US market and started exporting its vinegars from Japan to America.

Mizkan’s commitment to quality led it to champion brewed vinegar over synthetic, opening one of the first bottling vinegar plants in Japan.

Mizkan launched Ajipon – a traditional Japanese Ponzu which is now the number one brand of Ponzu in Japan.

After the success and popularity of Ajipon in Japan, Mizkan followed the launch with Honteri Mirin.

Mizkan acquired major US vinegar manufacturer, ‘American Industries Co.’ and became an international business.

The Mizkan Museum previously called Village of vinegar or 酢の里 opened its door in Handa Japan (the birthplace and original brewing town of Mizkan vinegar).

Mizkan rice vinegar was launched in the UK and Europe, expanding the company’s global presence further.

Expanding further still, Mizkan acquired classic brands Sarson’s, Dufrais and Haywards.

Mizkan then acquired the iconic British brand Branston, expanding the group’s portfolio within the UK.

Mizkan launched its ZenB sustainability initiative in Japan following its pledge to “Act for the well-being of the earth, society, and all that dwell on it”.