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Maze Tantanmen Noodles Recipe

Served hot, full of deep flavour and so colourful, this is a delicious, uplifting dish. A dry noodle dish, mixed first with chopsticks to blend the ingredients.

LevelLevel: Easy

ServesServes: 2

Prep TimePrep Time: 15 mins

Cook TimeCook Time: 20 mins


Egg noodles – 150-200g

Toasted sesame oil 2tsp

Mizkan Sushi Seasoning 120ml

Red cabbage 120g

Salt 1/2tsp

Mizkan Honteri Mirin-style 2tbsp

Soy sauce 2tsp

Oyster or Mushroom Sauce(V) 1tbsp

Red/Dark miso 1tbsp

Sake 1tbsp

Toasted sesame seeds 1tbsp

Cauliflower x 1⁄2 (100-150g)

Minced pork or firm tofu(V) 200g

Spring onions 3 (30g)

Shitake mushrooms 3-4

Ginger 2-3cm

Garlic 2 clove

Sake 1tbsp

Sunflower oil 1tbsp

Fresh Coriander a handful

Chopped Chives 1tbs

Chilli powder or oil or Japanese Togarashi

Boiled eggs 1-2


1 Pickles: Shred the red cabbage and salt. Leave for 5-10 mins. Place in a jar & cover with Mizkan sushi seasoning. Leave 15mins. Keeps 1 week in fridge.

2 Tantanmen sauce: Grind the sesame seeds with Honteri, soy sauce, Oyster sauce, red miso, sake & miso.

3 Cauliflower mince: Grate or chop cauliflower finely. Chop shitake, spring onions, ginger & garlic. Pour sake over pork. If using tofu instead of pork, squeeze out excess water, before breaking it into a mince (no need for sake with tofu). Add oil to a pan, sauté ginger & garlic for 1 min. Add spring onion & Shitake, then cauliflower & pork or tofu. Cook for a few mins to cook pork, reduce heat, pour over tantanmen sauce. Remove from heat.

4 Noodles: Cook the noodles in boiling water for a few mins. Check pack for time. Strain & place in a bowl. Drizzle sesame oil over & mix well.

5 Serve: Add the cauliflower mince. Finish with toppings & garnishes. Enjoy!

Yuki Gomi

Yuki Gomi is a Japanese chef, food writer and cookery teacher. Her mission is to educate and share just how simple, nourishing and delicious Japanese food can be.

With the belief that Japanese cooking can be fuss-free, easy and most importantly, fun, Yuki’s philosophy is decidedly simple: when you combine everyday ingredients with easy to learn techniques, cooking for yourself and others is a pleasure rather than a chore.

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