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salmon tartare

Honteri Grilled Salmon Skin & Salmon Tartare Bites Recipe

A beautifully crisp salmon starter with a flavourful Honteri-infused tartare sauce.


Pairs with Honteri Martini

LevelLevel: Easy

ServesServes: 12-14

Prep TimePrep Time: 15 mins

Cook TimeCook Time: 30 mins



500g raw sashimi grade salmon belly middle cut

50g jar salmon roe (ikura)

2 mini gherkins

10 plump capers (preferably Sicilian)

½ banana shallot

3 purple shiso leaf

Furikake (dried purple shiso flakes)

Kimchi No Moto (or sriracha)


Tartare Sauce

100ml Mizkan Honteri Mirin-style

300ml dark soy

50ml sesame oil

50ml dashi (preferably mushroom ichibandashi from shiitake broth & miso tofu shot recipe)

1 tbsp Kimchi No Moto (or sriracha)

Small 100ml atomiser spray filled ¾ Honteri ¼ water


1. Take the 500g middle cut piece of sashimi grade salmon skin on (middle cut not tail or head end as this will give you better yield of fatty oil fish flesh) and lay it on your board, pushing the fillet so it sticks to the board slightly. Take your knife (sashimi knife preferably or a large sharp knife) and fillet the salmon, starting with your knife 3-4mm off the board to enable you to fillet the skin but leaving a thin layer of fatty salmon still stuck to the skin. Portion the skin into 2cm width squares.

2. On a medium heat put a medium frying pan and allow to heat with no oil. As soon as the pan is hot add all of the salmon squares skin side down, keeping them always skin side down. Put a spot of Kimchi No Moto and a sprinkle of salt on each one and let cook and crispen up slowly – about 30 minutes.

3. Next with the filleted salmon cut out the centre line, as thinly as possible where the bones were, keeping this bit for later for cooking. Then you should have 2 pieces, one of which is thicker and has the white lines in a v shape this is the sashimi cut, wrap this in fish or baking paper and store in the fridge to use later for sashimi or the like. Next take the other piece, the belly cut, effectively the ‘Toro’ cut of the salmon, and cut into very small cubes –  as you cut you will notice the amount of fish oil/fat that exudes from this part of the fish. Put this into a mixing bowl.

4. Now on a clean chopping board finely dice the shallots, capers, gherkins and shiso leaves then mix with the salmon. Mix together your Tartare sauce ingredients and add 2 tablespoons to the salmon mix and gently turn in with a spoon.

5. Now turn to the slow grilling salmon squares in the pan, 30 minutes in they should be crisp underneath. Before removing them from the pan give them a spray of the Honteri Mirin atomiser to add a little shine. Now remove and place on a prep surface and on each square gently place and mould ½ teaspoon of the tartare mix and place on your canape dish. Add 2 or 3 of the salmon eggs and sprinkle with the Yukari, then serve.

Ronald Laity

Ronald Laity is Mizkan’s Culinary Development Chef. A lifelong foodie, he has worked as a lobster fisherman, fishmonger, cheese maker and dairy hand, before finally falling in love with Japanese culture and cuisine, immersing himself in Japan for 6 years.  Since being back, Ron has contributed to the UK Japanese Culinary scene, whether at Yakitoria, Samurai Sushi, Senkai, Feng Sushi, Bincho Yakitori and United Ramen, before joining Mizkan.  Ron loves experimenting with authentic Japanese ingredients and developing new ways to bring those flavours to life.

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